Fix mousewheel scroling performance in Firefox

Fix mousewheel scroling performance in Firefox

Firefox’ developers are great. But sometimes they tend to think too much for you.

In my case they broke a feature for which I specifically bought multiple mice: fast and endless scrolling. The Logitech M500 mouse has this feature and is great for database activities and reading of manuals or long documents.

The problem

So you bought a fancy mouse with ‘endless scrolling’ features so you never have the TL;DR fatigue?

Burning rubber with your scrollwheel © Logitech 2013

Burning rubber with your scrollwheel
© Logitech 2013

And your browser broke your fancy scrolling feature?

The solution

Type in the firefox address bar:


enter in the search bar:


and adjust the following settings:

//mousewheel.acceleration.start sets the acceleration on, it allows to scroll faster when you are searching on a page
mousewheel.acceleration.start -> set to 1 
//mousewheel.enable_pixel_scrolling changes slow, smooth scrolling behavior
mousewheel.enable_pixel_scrolling -> set to FALSE


Close the about:config tab.

The result

The changes should be effective immediately!

Enjoy your fast scrolling feast!


source: Mozilla Support

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