Hi! I’m Jef Martens (1981) living in Amsterdam.

This weblog is a result of graduating for my Masters degree at the University of Twente. My research focus is the value network of app stores for mobile devices. Parts of my MSc research findings are published in the Journal of Theoretical and Applied Electronic Commerce Research

My job is Business Analysis – consulting for companies that require their IT landscape to fit their business needs. On a typical workday I model, analyse and improve business processes, gather requirements and write documentation to manage such requirements.

With this weblog I try to capture the transition to daily working life from different viewpoints: the transition from student to full-time employee, business analysis as craftmanship, telecom industry evolvement with a focus on my  and project work. The lessons learned that can be shared (due to nondisclosure issues) will be here, in a timely manner.

This blog is written deliberately with some time delay regarding work-related themes. I preserve this buffer to reflect and try to present you only the most interesting points.

The technical stuff about this blog:

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